Pascal String Quartet
Jacques Dumont: 1st violin; Maurice Crut: 2nd violin; Léon Pascal: viola; Robert Salles: cello
Mozart Quartets

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In G major, K.387; in D minor, K.421; in Eb major, K.428; in B major, K.458; in A major, K.464
in C major, K.465; in D major, K.499; in D major, K.575; in B major, K.589; in F major, K.590
In D major, K.155; in G major, K.156; in C major, K.157; in F major, K.158; in Bb major, K.159; in Eb major, K.160
In F major, K.168; in A major, K.169; in C major, K.170; in Eb major, K.171; in Bb major, K.172; in D minor, K.173

The Pascal String Quartet was founded in the early 1940s by Léon Pascal, who was previously the violist of the Calvet Quartet. They were active throughout the 1940s and continued in the 1950s as an internationally respected, top ranking chamber group and were the most recorded French Quartet of its time.
Pascal Quartet recordings, mostly of the classical and French romantic repertoire, exemplifies the French School at its best: Consummate, elegant music making in a pure style that sounds bright and fresh and is consistently impeccable in every detail - with beauty, brilliance and clarity of tone, perfect ensemble, immaculate intonation and a luminous blend of the four instruments. Their recordings have won the coveted Grand Prix du Disque for three years in succession.
It was one of the few foremost string quartets whose personnel has not changed over the many years they were functioning as the Pascal Quartet.
Their extensive tour of North America, in the 1949-50 season, was accorded jubilant reception by the public and the critics.

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