DDR-71132 (In North America DHR-71132)


played by the JERUSALEM TRIO

Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in B Major Op. 8
Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in C Major Op. 87
Yaron Rosenthal Piano; Roy Shiloah Violin; Ariel Tushinsky Cello

"Splendid new recording...youthful zest and virtuosity abound in these intensely emotional readings... masterful maturity... gorgeous sound... illustrious tonal qualities captured by DOREMI producers... it is my first recommendation for these trios... one looks forward to more recordings from the Jerusalem Trio".
Fanfare Magazine (USA)

"Myriad colours...hallmark of impending greatness"                                 The Strad (UK)

"The music flowed seamlessly and lyrically from beginning to end... and lost non of its fury."   Toronto Star (Canada)

"Breathtaking performance...They are equipped with that same 'special something' which also characterized the young Brahms..."
                                                                                        Reylin Stadtzeitung (Germany)

The youthful members of the JERUSALEM TRIO are recognized as being among the finest classical soloists of the present generation. They have been together as a trio for nearly ten years now, and this new superb recording of the Brahms trios attests to the development of a supreme artistry. It is chamber music-making at its finest.

Article about the Jerusalem Trio in Fanfare Magazine

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