DOREMI DDR/DHR 71110 Series

71111 Classical Potpourri with Catherine Wilson and Friends
71112 Catherine Wilson Trio Plays the Romantics
71115 Boris Zarankin plays Liszt's paraphrases on Schubert's songs
71116 Beethoven Symphonies No.6 & No.7, Budapest PhO, Pomerantz
71117 Dvorak symphny No. 9 "From the New World", Budapest PhO, Pomerantz
71118 Elena Lansky: The Classic Broadway Love Songs
71119 Tamara Volskaya, The Paganini of the Domra
71121 Bariton David Varjabed in Operatic Arias and Neapolitan Songs
71123&4 Along Gypsy Trails - A tribute to Leon Zukert
71125/6 Schubert's Piano Duets Vol. 1 Gloria Saarinen - Arnold Draper
71127 The Art of Johnny Cowell: Virtuoso Trumpet Gems
71129 Brahms: Piano Quintet & Handel Variations. Orford String Qt. & Gloria Saarinen
71130 Mark DuBois & Gloria Saarinen: Songs by Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Strauss; Fauré, Dupark & Britten.
71131 La Musette: with Susan Adams (Piano & Harpsichord) and Clive Titmuss (Lute & Guitar)
71132 Brahms Piano Trios No. 1 & 2, performed by the Jerusalem Trio
71133 Halida Dinova plays Scriabin
71134 Chamber Suite with CatherineWilson and Friends
71135 Gloria on Piano
71136  Toward the Sun - Three song cycles by Srul Irving Glick
71137 Colin Tilney plays Mozart Vol. 1
71138  Brahms: Cello Sonatas & Songs with Cello. P. Pulford Cello; B. McDonald Fortepiano; A. Donovan m- soprano
71139 Colin Tilney plays Mozart Vol. 2
71140 Colin Tilney plays his favourite harpsichord music
71141 Music for cello & piano, Kristine Bogyo; Anton Kuerti
71142 Colin Tilney plays Mozart Vol. 3
71143 More than Classical
71144 Colin Tilney plays Mozart Vol. 4
71145 GLORIA - Virtuoso Romantic Masterpieses for piano
 71146 C.P.E. Bach: 6 Clavichord Sonatas. Colin Tilney
 71147 Colin Tilney plays Mozart Vol. 5
71148 Giulia Casiraghi - Vivaldi: Arias for mezzo-soprano
71149 Colin Tilney plays Mozart Vol. 6
71150 Gloria Saarinen plays Moussorgsky and Ravel
71151 Pianist Boris Zarankin plays Beethoven
71152 Colin Tilney - French Harpsichord
71153 Pianist Boris Zarankin plays Schubert

Living Legends series

6601/2 MOZART: Four String Quartets played by the ORFORD Quartet 
6605  Hidy - violin; Ozolins - piano; Tsutsumi - cello: Trios by Smetana & Shostakovich
6606 Mendelssohn Piano Concertos - Anton Kuerti
6607 Ofra Harnoy: Offenbach, Saint-Saens cello concerto, Tchaikovskyw Rococo Variations

Legendary Treasures